Is it me, or does Doc look like he’s dead?

And the fact that he is using a “Grey Ghost Streamer” would suggest that he is reaching into the afterlife to spirit some fish onto his line…  But seriously, ever since he put that Ranger Rick hat on, his countenance has grown positively cadaverous…  And I give him credit, though.  The fact that he can tie a fly onto his line without the aid of cheaters… must be that he has had the cataract surgery- one eye to see close, the other to see far!


Meanwhile, back at the Bar, Jeff ‘n’ Jared are making fools of me.  Of course they will sell their stolen Indian “stuff” to a museum… No questions asked!  And such respect and formality regarding their intended victim:  MR. Dunlap, if you please…

Andy looking stoic and brave in the face of the missing member of his pack…  Where IS Rusty??