OK, here’s an idea…

One black fly bite turns Doc into THE FLY!!  “I am not getter worse…  I am getting BETTER!!”  Anything to inject a little drama into this incredibly tedious story…  On the other hand, it DOES appear that Doc’s face is sloughing off his skull in panel three…  The fly in panel two appears to be radioactive at least, considering the light / energy it is emitting, so I may not be that far off the Mark (Trail that is,) …that’s a JOKE, son… (Nice kid, but he’s about as sharp as a bag of wet mice…) – Foghorn Leghorn


I love how Doc has “<his> tent.”  I wonder if Mark and Cherry share a tent??  Oh perish the thought of unwanted advances made in the still of the night! …by Cherry of course.  No one could possibly sleep more soundly than Mark Trail! His life is so simple and unfettered I can’t image a single thing that might keep him from catching all his winks.  I also love how Doc has to verbalize his thoughts…  such is the way in the Trail-verse.