The chop is lapping at the gunwales…

Riding low they are, with precious cargo.  One might have expected them to make some show of lightening the load, leave behind the 3 quart Lodge Dutch oven and the cast iron griddle, but those things are expensive… Andy is required for ballast and who knows, he may be the one running off for help at some point, since he understands complex human thought (better than Mark most times.)


No Doc, you don’t look very good.  And let my dear readers know that I did make a mistake (and a pretty big deal) yesterday about the fact that Mark called Doc “Dad.”  He didn’t that was the smaller of the two silhouettes talking, presumably Cherry…  Oh well I do this every morning before becoming fully caffeinated, and typically without the benefit of my readers…

But seriously, I have been in canoes, heavy with people and gear, with precious little separating the paddler from the prospect of it capsizing and drowning… Canoes are unstable on the best of days and this really is nerve-wracking.  What is also conspicuously absent is any pfd (personal flotation device) around the neck of any of our intrepid cast…  Not even the fancy new kind that stay very small until wet, then balloon, not unlike an airbag, when the need arises.

So “Mark and the Others” head out.  Would it have taken so much more effort and ink and space to actually call them out by name?  I guess.  After all, this strip is called MARK Trail, NOT Cherry, NOT Doc, NOT Rusty.  Sort of reminds me of the early Gilligan’s Island song lyrics that did not call out the “Professor and Mary Ann” until later and referred to them only as “and the rest” (are here on Gilligan’s Island…)  trivia time- sung by whom?  The Wellingtons, of course.

By the way, where is Rusty???