Andy’s not liking this ride!!

Windswept Whitecaps!  Boy it doesn’t get any more tense that this!  Not compared to Rusty being bound, gagged and trapped in a van, not even Mark stuck in a meat-locker!  We always knew they would emerge from those scrapes unharmed…  But this!  This is bad…  The seas have now grown to be 2-3 feet, and this is no place for a canoe, no matter how skilled the paddlers might be…


Let’s see if the writers can string this out for the entire week!  Will they or won’t they make it…  You know, come to think of it, if part of the mission of Trail, Inc. is to open up the great outdoors and encourage people to enjoy all its wonders, the last few stories involving forest fires, charging elk, untimely death, and now this doesn’t get that job done, right??