Mark and Andy bed down among the relics..

Better than sleeping with the fishes… I guess Dr. Davis and his daughter have privileges… being less stout and capable than Mark and the Big Dog.  I suppose that’s better than sleeping in some other musty, spider and vole ridden outbuilding…  Mr. Dunlap looks so pleased with himself.  He has been collecting for years without so much as anyone visiting, now his efforts are being appreciated.  Appreciated not only by Mark, but by the bad guys canoeing up to the landing with evil in their hearts…


As Jeff ‘n’ Jared paddle slowly toward their objective, who wouldn’t mistake them for a couple of fisher-people out on the lake?  Their plan is nearly foolproof!  Or so it would seem… Reminds me of the scene in the Bill Murray movie Stripes: “what? It’s Czechoslovakia! It’s like Wisconsin!  We zip in, and we zip out…”