oh my… getting down to business!

Ever vigilant, Andy’s hackles are standing at attention as Jeff enters the museum, bent on mischief and plunder!  But Really?? How many times has a gun been pointed at Mark Trail over the years?  Compared to how many times the average person might find him or herself in a similar situation?  Not including law enforcement or soldiers, where you are practically guaranteed being in harm’s way, but really… a nature writer?  It would seem to happen almost on a monthly basis… when you aren’t really looking for trouble, it just finds you?  But then without the Jeff ‘n’ Jared’s of the world and Mark’s propensity to come into contact with them, we wouldn’t have much of a strip now would we??


Still not clear how Mark is going to be “used” in their little caper… and little it is, considering all they are going to be able to get away with is what they can fit into that little picnic basket, the one full of “Real Maple Syrup, the kind that is really great on flapjacks…”  Oops, sorry, it’s a BIG PACKBASKET, but oddly not THE BIG PACKBASKET, as if there are many strewn about, any one of them for the taking???  What has me laughing inside already is the visual of Jeff ‘n’ Jared making their getaway in their canoe, paddling just as fast as their arms can take them…  or are they going to steal Mr. Dunlap’s boat as well?  Let’s wait and see!