And his hair is perfect!!

Seriously… and where is he grabbing a shave these days?  As Mark’s supersonic hearing detects the faint strains of a waterfall, he crafts his strategy to intercept Jeff at the Portage… And off he goes, skipping along the sheer rock face like a mountain goat!!


I could be wrong, but Ruffed Grouse, featured in panel three, are not native to the Appalachian Forest, but rather prefer open grasslands… is it Rusty’s spirit come calling?  Remember how he was buried in a shallow grave earlier in this series?

I can see it now… Mark takes the high ground and overcomes Jeff with his surprise attack.  Surprise because how in the world would Jeff have figured Mark to be on his trail? (Ha! Get it?!?)  I mean, he left Mark for Dead, after all, hands tied