All’s well that, uh, flaps well??

Of course, Mark’s hungry!  He hasn’t eaten in weeks!!  Poor guy!  Why, his jeans are about to fall off his withering frame.  While Doc and Cherry have been enjoying the hospitality of Ed Dunlap, Mark has been subjected to all manner of incarceration and torture!  My and how fast the Wheels of Justice turn in the Trailverse!  Jared’s in jail?  You mean maybe he is being held as a person of interest pending his indictment hearing?  And there’s Ol’ Jeff Baucom!  Folded like a cheap tent!  Still tied up and leaning against the house in the corner of the first panel.  I almost didn’t see him!  Makes me wonder if Rusty has been hiding in the corners all the while, maybe emitting muffled cries for validation and love…



Ed, you are so full of it…  You thought Mark was a Bad Guy for sure…  Or at least you did not know WHAT to think about what had just gone down…  won’t be so trusting now, will you??

And there’s Andy… Nothing like a good dose of hot, steamy, rancid dog breath to whet the appetite… bon apetit!!