The Mark Trail Elevator Speech

No doubt delivered many times over his career, this is the line that gets him into the club every time…  no velvet rope/ bouncer issues for Mark Trail!  I am an outdoor writer and photographer… Really?  Do you have credentials?  Or do I just take your word for it? How do I know you aren’t under-cover something or other, here to violate one of my constitutional rights??


Check out the expression on Jessica Canupp’s face- it’s not saying “Thank you!” but rather, “Thank you… I think??”  As in, “For real?  What’s this guy’s angle… really…”  Ever notice how each line of dialogue is followed by and exclamation point?  To the point that we really don’t even notice??  What if that was the way life really is…  no pauses, no ellipses, just urgency.  I would think that everyone would be tired all the time…