OK fine… it’s a Snook…

Do Snook jump like Tarpon?  How knows? right??  Rusty is quivering with delight… he appears to be 8 years old again in the third panel, choking the life out of the creature that fought so bravely but ultimately succumbed to his Angling Prowess…  Based on what they are fishing for, I also realize that they are probably on the gulf coast of Florida… for those of you keeping track of their whereabouts…  And oh, I have more interesting news:  the 4.5 hour drive to Savannah or Charleston just turned into a 9 hour drive to the Gulf Coast.  I ask again (hopefully for the last time) how does Mark manage to commute to and from Lost Forest on this little Pelican caper???


But yes, all things considered, a big snore.  C’mon, Elrod, let’s get with the evil making here…  what do you bet that they take Mr. Snook in and have him filled with sawdust??