Our Island? Whose name in on the deed, bub?

Not sure who is delivering what lines in panel two, since the camera pulled back to reveal the house from the vantage point of a 200 foot tall Magnolia tree…  But it’s been established that Jessica and Marlin are “Just Friends” and unless they are involved in some complicated joint tenancy arrangement, one is living at the pleasure of the other in the big house on this “private Island…”  But Mark knows all about that, right??


It’s nice to see that they use the same coffee cups on the island as they use at Lost Forest…  what a comfort that must be for Mark, better for him to regulate his caffeine intake and not spoil his sleep cycle…  Looks like we are having roast for dinner too!  We can see the bare top of the tied-off hunk-o-meat at the bottom of panel one.  And of course, with Doc at the hotel, Mark could leave both him and rusty there to just stare at each other, wondering what to do next.  Not that any compunction has ever been shown around leaving Rusty alone for weeks on end… But it’s comforting to know that Doc is on the job, helping to look after the little guy…