uh, define “soon…”

Great plan, Mark…  Tell Jason Smith all about it, call Doc and tell him nothing, head out to get “more information” and leave instructions to call the police if… if Jason Smith doesn’t hear from you soon??  Poor Jason Smith.  Probably had other visions, other plans in store, when he was in Journalism school- maybe even had thoughts of getting in front of the camera, that is until his hair started leaving him and his incredibly large, round, bald dome made that all but impossible…


I still have to chuckle over the ham-handed way these characters hold a cell phone…  still more like a walkie talkie than a phone…  And Mark looks so pleased with himself in Panel three.  He’s in the zone, on the case, away from his dreaded family.  It’s a minor miracle that he remembered to check in with Doc at all… Rusty?  Rusty who??