Words! Lots of Words!! Plot inflection Point!


Well of course it’s an angry and unreasonable and wounded bear that keeps coming after Mark when clearly Mark did nothing to rile or threaten it… And the bear was wounded by… Poachers again!  Well, I hope these are interesting poachers, since this is exactly the same entry point as the last 100 story arcs in the Trailverse…  But some things have not changed.  Dusty could have just called Mark, but instead planned to make a day out of delivering the news that there are poachers about… I mean, what else is there for a Ranger to do?


As for story ideas, why not take on the Keystone XL pipeline, or Climate change, or something topical like that?  I know, it’s all very risky since Mark Trail would have to take a stand on these controversial items and weigh in the “Settled Science” aspect of it all…  Keep the carbon in the ground, or let it out and allow man to continue to seal his own fate… Keep the carbon in the ground and make us all figure out how to power our devices with wind and solar energy…  We need to know where you stand on this stuff, Mark.  We really need to know.