Oh, good Heavens… what is it NOW??

We just can’t let a moment pass without another cry for help… two cries, actually, growing in intensity…  While Mark and Taurus (apparently his real name) get to know each other on a last name basis (Mark is already writing this story in his head- it will surely grab him the Pulitzer or whatever Outdoor writers covet) Lori cries out!  Could it be the shadowy figure running by the fire?  Or is that random porter number 2, who gets to do heavy lifting but doesn’t get to sit at the table with the clients?


So while Mark dredges up what will surely become Ancient Lore, part of the Oral Tradition among Taurus’ People, the story of the Great White Writer who thrust a flaming stick into the mouth of a marauding hippo, heads snap around and wine glasses fly out of hands… LORI!!