But is there enough skin to make a pair of shoes and a matching bag??

I have been studying the first panel for a while now (I know, it’s time to get a life…) and I can’t get my bearings…  Is Mark standing on a king size cot that Lori warrants as she is the Queen of the Safari?  Is e standing on the floor with the bed all askew and blankets and linens everywhere?  And what about that basket on the left?  Is that a clothes hamper?  Is that where the snake was all coiled up, lying in wait??


No Mark, she’s NOT “All Right…”  I think we can assume that much.  She’s as “All Right” as anyone who has had a near-death experience…  And notice how she’s not calling out for Chris…  This just keeps getting deeper and deeper.  She might as well have let the snake take her as compared to the death by a thousand cuts falling in love with Mark Trail represents…