Oh boy! Quick with the word play…

…and even quicker with his fists!!  “Dirty” paying dirty by landing a quick right to the left Trail mandible…  Mark!  You should have seen that one coming, man!!  I am sure he telegraphed that roundhouse… where are your reflexes? your defenses?  Spinning inside that hard head of yours, as spittle flies from your mouth on the way down to the ground.


I can imagine the back-story here…  Chris “Dirty” Dyer, ever the manipulator and schemer, convinces his erstwhile “girlfriend” to underwrite a trip to the Dark Continent under the guise of an innocent “safari,” and with everything set, pickups, drops, exchanges, payoffs, in blunders Mark Trail, who happens to be a poacher’s nightmare…  Who, we know, is not finished or ended at this point… He’s just getting warmed up