Nice Pony Tail!

Bad Guy #2 (with Pony Tail) has the same color shirt as Mitchum!  What is it they say?  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery??  Maybe Mr. Pony Tail found it under the tree, since he wasn’t wearing that shirt on 12/23…  Or if we look at 12/12, it’s clear that Mr. Pony Tail has two of the same shirt and has let Mitchum wear one of his…  Holy crap, that’s creepy…  Creepier still is the fact that Mr. Pony Tail is a dead ringer for former Pro Wrestler, Governor and Navy Seal, turned Conspiracy Theorist Jesse “the Body” Ventura!


And with Justin now showing us a startled look on his other bad side (similar in its simian form)  the “plan” now seems to be taking shape??  Maybe?  With everyone on deck and the Aurora Borealis (coming pretty far south if you ask me…) lighting up the scene, Mitchum has forsaken his South paw in favor of his North and is waving his hostages forward at gun point.  Kidnap them and then blow up the boat?  Then what?  So confusing…