Logic and Reason

If there is anything bad guys hate more, I am not aware of it.  Logic and reason.  To have the foundation of their motivation undermined, to have everything crumble underneath them, has to be a very uncomfortable feeling…  Look how shook up Mitchum is!  He doesn’t even answer Cherry and Justin’s argument.  All he can come up with is a “Shut up, Lady,” and “Why is this boat not moving?” Little does he know that the reason the boat isn’t moving is because BGwB has been immobilized…  Quietly…  Sneakily…  Off camera.


Oh, dear, this story is starting to resolve…  Mitchum will be hauled off and charged with any number of felony counts and Justin will “decide” to not build the mine, having fallen under the Trail-Spell and having now seen the light…  I guess our paper and our paint just won’t be as white from now on…