Oh Sweet Rapture!

Mark has a pretty long fuse these days, but it’s nice to see he still brings it when he needs to…  And there’s Vince, nothing but calm and strong, BGwB in a hammer-lock…  But let’s ‘Mark’ it, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the third story arc, and nigh on 100 days into it, and Mark finally gets to deliver a blow under the James Allen Regime.  He seems to have been all bottled up, sort of like Forrest Gump visiting Jenny in her Dorm room and finding “release” for  the first time


Well, with the odds evened up (and then some,) we can now be confident in knowing that right makes might, the Earth is back on its axis and spinning in the correct direction.

You gotta love the last words coming out of Mitchum’s mouth, right before he gets sucker-punched by Mark.  It’s classic Trail, the “What th-“ as in, surprise so complete that only the sound of the digraph gets out, not the final ‘e.’

Welcome back, Mark!