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Oh, I get it…

Wallace “Wally” Wood owns and runs a tree farm where he cuts and sells lumber.  And Yes, Mark, apparently you have already informed Cherry of this acquaintance and what he is up to…  And Cherry is also aware of how well he is doing with his lumber enterprise… much better than her free-loading, sometimes-writer husband…

Wally Wood.  That’s almost as clever as Rod Bassy….


As we see Mark and Cherry make ready, carrying duffel and satchel respectively, it appears that this is going to be an overnight trip, at least… I hope that Cherry has enough room in her suitcase for her corsets, judging from her waistline, she will need them.

But what’s in panel three?  Why it’s none other than Bo the Beaver giving us the stink-eye…  I can see where he and Wally are soon going to clash…

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