These guys must be a REALLY bad shot…

Strafing fire with a fully automatic Israeli submachine gun/pistol (Uzi 9mm, I am thinking…) and they are not even stopping the Trail!!  What the…?


But OK, we’ll go with it…  Mark needs to run Mr. Aqua-ATV over and get the heck outa there!  For the record, yes, Mark IS getting attacked this time, unlike the encounters he had down inthe deep, where he was the aggressor.

On a watery note, I watched a movie the other night, Pressure, on NetFlix.  It was actually really good.  Starred Danny Houston, recognizable as the saxophone playing, jazz and catfish loving Ax-Man in American Horror Story- Coven.  Called upon my two greatest phobias- enclosed spaces and getting trapped underwater with seemingly no way to escape…  introduced the topic of Full Saturation Diving… really interesting.