…and now you’re just being stupid!

Seriously, Mark, use your head!!  What have you learned from all your days in the woods? That Nature has endowed its creatures with their own special strengths and gifts- right now yours is SPEED!  Does the box turtle try to out run the fox?  no!  A turtle will pull itself into its shell and wait out the attack.  Does the Hare stand still when being attacked? No! it RUNS!!


And what do you have to show for all your guile (or lack of)?  Bullet holes in your back-end and probably in your engine, which will now allow yourself to be captured and well, who knows what-all… Well, it’s probably for the best as this story line needs to include the real villain, monologuing about world domination… and a hefty bill going back to Woods and Wildlife Magazine Editor Bill Ellis for yet another destroyed boat!!