What’s that you say, Mark? a HARD turn?

Oh, Mark, never content (anymore at least) to run away from danger, you are now facing it head on and won’t be happy until you have knocked all the bad guys off their “vehicles…”  I get your challenge with finding the rights words, Mark, I don’t know what to call them either…


With all the red-necks on sea-ATV’s dispatched, will Mark turn toward the mother ship?  Is he that crazy??  Can Ken talk some sense into him?  Ken has a lot to be worried about- he only has a river in his name, not like Mark who has a comic strip named for him… One of you is disposable, the other not… besides it would seem that Mark has no compunction about leaving angry women in his wake…  and would not find it difficult to break the news to Kelly that her man is down!

Like bringing a knife to a gun fight!

Good thing Mark popped for the model with the bullet-proof hull!!  Sort of like opting for the “never-lost” unit in the Hertz rental prior to smartphones and Siri helping us all get around…  All this excitement might have left a scratch or two on the clear-coat, but heck, it’s all for a good cause!  As Mark rams into ATV-2, we see the driver losing saliva in copious amounts as his automatic weapon goes flying and his craft is reduced to scrap…


Sorry for the delay, kids… out of town for the weekend…  Back to work tomorrow and more bone-crushing action in the Trail-verse!!

These guys must be a REALLY bad shot…

Strafing fire with a fully automatic Israeli submachine gun/pistol (Uzi 9mm, I am thinking…) and they are not even stopping the Trail!!  What the…?


But OK, we’ll go with it…  Mark needs to run Mr. Aqua-ATV over and get the heck outa there!  For the record, yes, Mark IS getting attacked this time, unlike the encounters he had down inthe deep, where he was the aggressor.

On a watery note, I watched a movie the other night, Pressure, on NetFlix.  It was actually really good.  Starred Danny Houston, recognizable as the saxophone playing, jazz and catfish loving Ax-Man in American Horror Story- Coven.  Called upon my two greatest phobias- enclosed spaces and getting trapped underwater with seemingly no way to escape…  introduced the topic of Full Saturation Diving… really interesting.

Hard to port!

Stop pussy-footing around, Mark! Drop the hammer on those twin screws and get out of there!  Unless the rental agency gave you a boat that is all show and no go… No way you shouldn’t be able to out-run a fleet of all-terrain/water vehicles…


Ever wonder why the steering wheel of a powerboat tends to be on the starboard side?  Well, here are a bunch of ideas, the most compelling of which dates back to the Vikings…  That the tiller was on the “steerboard” (right) side of the boat and they would dock on the “port” (left) side so as not to mess up the steering mechanism…

Ocean going ATV’s!

Well isn’t that fancy!  These bad-guy-mobiles can go from sea to land and back again!  And Mark, what are you going to tell the rental agency when you return the boat? “How was everything, sir?”  Oh, just fine…  “I see you ran into some stray gunfire… we see that a lot in these waters- were you drug running or smuggling radioactive material??”


These guys don’t mess around!  Clearly they want the cache of Cobalt-60 to remain a secret… their secret…  World domination can come at a terrible price…

Better run, Better run, faster than my bullets…

Poor Ken.  He doesn’t realize that this is all in a day’s work for Trail…  Getting, kicked, punched and shot at…


So nice that the bad guys are wearing the blaze orange personal flotation devices…  this will aid in recovering their bodies when things don’t go their way…

So fire up that ride, Trail, your life is depending on it!  Mark, you have the pumped-up kicks, but can you out-run their guns??

Mark! Your hair is glowing!

What’s with the blue highlights?  And the fact that your helmet would have supposedly kept your head dry and every hair in place…  are you perspiring??


So what are you waiting for?  Fire up that cigarette boat!  Let’s see what she can do!  Certainly these hovering/ jet powered personal water craft are no match for 8 cylinders worth of displacement and propeller power!

Well funded evil-doers!

These are not your mother’s and father’s bad guys!  There has been an upgrade to the evil that stalks the Trail-verse…  The kind that has a payroll, offers benefits and a retirement plan!  The kind that invents its own technology… like the over-the-water conveyances seen below… what the hell are they?  No doubt the bad guys are aware that they are down three in the first inning of play and are plenty mad about it!!


Like angry hornets that have had their nest tampered with, out they come… How prophetic is it that Bill Ellis suggested that Mark “get a fast boat…”

Sí … pero… ¿Dónde está el gran barco ??

Probably a good thing that the divers couldn’t talk anyway since they probably only spoke Español… and among all of Mark’s considerable talents, pretty sure speaking Spanish isn’t one of them…  and where is the big boat that made Ken all wide-eyed??


But let’s be really clear, here… no one attacked you, Mark.  They might have been lurking menacingly, but I believe that you are the aggressor here…  but no one will ever know anything but your version of the truth…  What is it we say?  History is written by the victors?