Wow… he actually went home…

If it seems like Mark was “away” for a while, it’s because he was!  175 days since we saw the octopus eat the crab and we were introduced to “Mississippi” Ken and “How old ARE you anyway?” Kelly… Sorry boys and girls, your faithful scribe had to step away “on business” for a couple of days.  But it’s probably best to take these Lost Forest scenes down in a big swallow…


I see the Beaver Family is still intact-


And I see that Mr. Allen has no compunction about grabbing more stock scenes from the library… misshapen Cherry serving coffee to her adventure-seeking husband…  Nice try at bonding, Rusty.  Mark’s been home less than an hour and he is already dismissing your comments with a verbal shrug…  But it looks like Mark has regaled his family with lusty tales of good vs. evil, etc…  And it appears that Mark is not afraid to call out Terrorism when he sees it…


Yes.  Good to be home with you, Cherry, not that kid… But check out the concerned look on Mark’s face when Cherry suggest they “Step Outside…” Huh?  What?? Why???


Cherry, your man is not brave, he’s a murderer!  Of course I’m sure that Mark’s version of the story is replete with notions of self-defense and they-had-it-coming, I needed to save the planet, etc…  Yes… Happy when the Feds arrived to give you a ride back… but no mention of the boat you destroyed?  No repercussions?  Well, at least all is right again in the Trailverse…  Unless one considers that Andy is on a leash in the first panel…  What- has he become a flight risk in Mark’s absence??