Welcome to the Back Nine, Everyone!

July 1st…  Half way through the year.  How was your front nine?  I mostly stayed clear of the traps and hit most of the fairways… which is a big improvement over the first half of 2015… Not that  I have much to complain about, if anything, but things related to my day job got sorted out toward the end of 2015 and 2016 has been fairly smooth sailing so far.  OK, I just mixed golfing and sailing metaphors, neither of which I do very often, ok, sailing not at all, but there it is.  I like the look on Darling’s face in panel 2, the look of a man unaccustomed to physical labor… or the look of a man sick and tired of being called “Darling…”


But here’s where things go terribly wrong (thank goodness…) Darling gets bit by something!  Let’s hope it’s venomous and creates lots of tension!  Makes him swell up and croak within the week!  I haven’t grown attached to this pair and I can’t for the life of me understand what they have to do with our hero…

And really, “Honey?” Put a cover on! at least the bottom… have you no modesty?