Those names!

I can’t even bear to hear those names without flinching…  I won’t even type them, as I feel like I have spent a lifetime with them already…  No, not Mark and Cherry… you know, the other two that inspired loathing from the very first time we met them…  Not sure what makes a character sympathetic, but those two certainly didn’t have it!


Awww… isn’t that nice.  Mama Puma (or Mountain Lion, Cougar, Panther, Catamount) and her kitten sure are cute!  But where are the others in the litter?  Don’t they usually have more than one?  Careful Mark and Cherry- don’t get between her and her family!  Otherwise you won’t get to go home to yours!

OK, what’s next?  It’s a synch that Mark won’t be writing a piece on “White Nose Syndrome,” so what our next move here??