Invest in our relationship?

News for you, Mark- one rarely announces one’s intentions related to relationship investment, one simply does

And again, Mark, what work??  Mark’s idea of “work” still sits wide of the common understanding that most of us carry around with us…  Not suggesting that there aren’t many ways to earn a paycheck, it’s just that the measure of his output (writing) seems rather sparse.  I can’t remember the last article he produced.  His editor stopped calling him once he realized that every assignment would end with mountains of paperwork and  insurance claims… usually tied to exploding boats


Dollars to donuts, though, they are heading to Hawaii to find the remains of Honey and Darling, who apparently were also “investing in their relationship…”  which will lead to all kinds of adventure, no doubt.  And what of Rusty and Andy?  Oh, not to worry, “Doc” will be there, as always, to pick up where Mark falls down as a parent… or at least let’s hope that Mark’s idea of investing in his relationship with Cherry doesn’t include bringing his adopted son along…  “Hey Mark, want to go fishing?”  Ugh…