What? Are you going to ask it?

As Abbey scales the rocky rocks, she is nothing if not focused on that bird!  And it seems that she is just as intent on determining its origins.  It’s a mystery to me how she will do that, as birds don’t speak and couldn’t understand her questions anyway…


My but what risks these Trailians take in there leisure time!  Recall Mark also free climbs in his spare time to “relax,” much to the chagrin of Cherry.  And if Abbey is going to become a recurring character, then she is also protected by the same force that Mark is- that no harm will come to her regardless of what peril she faces.  There’s worse than that fate for those less fortunate!!

I wonder if the real Abbey Powell has to sign off on what her character does.  Is there some kind of agreement that one signs where a likeness of you (right down to your first and last name) is put in the funny papers??  And this isn’t the first time Mr. Allen has pulled from real life… recall that he brought congressman Trey Gowdy into the story at the end of the Rhino Horn adventure?

Well, kids, I will be away for a day, but fear not, I will catch up Thursday morning!!