Anyone else getting uncomfortable?

This is getting creepy.  The thought of Mark and Cherry Trail sharing the “King’s Cottage” is more than I can fathom… I wasn’t following things terribly closely when they finally tied the knot, but I can only imagine the honeymoon involved camping and canvas…  with maybe even Rusty (adopted ward) and Andy (the Saint Bernard) along for the ride…  For years (decades) it appeared that Mark avoided any form of intimacy with Cherry and now he’s (willingly) heading right into the maw… Am I the only one that is nervous about this whole thing??


Bonus points for Cherry in knowing that it’s a conch shell being sounded…  all that time watching NatGeo or the Discovery Channel at Lost Forest is paying dividends!  But of course Mark has to rain on her parade… like she didn’t also know that doormen in Hawaii are generally shirtless and use such native gestures to welcome visitors!

Footnote- I googled ‘Rusty Trail’ and it would appear that this is not a common search combo for Google, at least not in reference to the adopted son of Mark and Cherry…

rusty google 2

Obviously there are many other more important things going on, mostly having to do with the unwanted oxidation of iron…