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Coral Atoll?

According to TC, I mean Cal, this is an unstable volcanic formation… shows what Abbey might know… or the Narrator for that matter.  And Abbey, to whom exactly are you speaking?  The Horseshoe Crab in the foreground?  But it’s comforting in its own way to have her talking aloud to herself, in time-honored Mark Trail fashion…

So as Abbey waits patiently for Mark to arrive, apparently leaving the details to take care of themselves, (Today?  Does that mean morning, afternoon, or evening? Did Abbey stay there guarding the island in the meantime?) we are left to wonder how she made a positive ID on the type of ant they are dealing with… and whether, ultimately, this is going to call for the inestimable resources of the USDA to mount an offensive against it…


And by “scour the island” you mean what?  Oh, OK, probably just what it sounds like…  in my search for meaning and inspiration I will grab at any possible double-entendre that might appear…

2 thoughts on “Coral Atoll?

    • It is hard to conger up much danger from a coral atoll. If you lie real still for 50 years, the calcium skeletons might grow over you and hold you down. I hope we do not have to wait that long.

      It will be interesting to see if Mark arranges with Cal for a return flight. Perhaps this is going to turn into a Gillian’s Island three hour tour? Maybe the Professor will explain it all to us?

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