Mark gets burlier by the frame…

…especially as he’s about to do something that would give mere mortal men pause…  “Hey!  Let’s risk everything for no particular reason!”


Abbey is letting her inner desk jockey take over (not a bad thing, I might add…) as Mark is about to lead the way.  Faithful readers will know that Mark doesn’t always employ the best judgment when it comes to these kinds of decisions, (hey- let’s go into the cave!)  but then considering he is immortal, it makes perfect sense.  He will always live to write another day, risk another fall, blow to the head, etc., since he has a Franchise bearing his name… Abbey, despite her re-occurring character status, might not be so lucky.  The real Abbey Powell might be lobbying James Allen to to have her character killed off, sort of like the actors from Downtown Abbey…  Matthew and Sybil wanted out and the only way to do so was to have the angel of death visit.  Funny how we haven’t since seen either of them in anything of note