Frailty thy name is woman??

With the fallen tree encouraging Abbey on, how could she possibly fall??  And for that matter the tree needs to learn a little grammar… “You’re doing good?”  How about you’re doing “well?”


To quote a spot-on comment from the last day or two, Abbey seems to have acquired acrophobia just in time to make it difficult to cross the chasm by way of the log…  she had no problem scampering up the mountainside going after the Finch.

But wait, Abbey, Mark’s Spidey-sense is tingling… What could it be?  Could it be Cal, who found a shorter way up the mountain that didn’t involve death defying maneuvers?


OK, Sweetheart, you are stealing a classic Trail verbal response, “Hungh?” right from under the chin of Trail himself.  Just like “huh?” but with a more guttural quality, coming from the abdomen.  Sort of like an Alpha Silverback protecting its boundaries…

As Mark leads with his chin, having no clue what challenge might be ahead, Abbey remains ever in the background… what is this, 1956?