Pretty sure wild boar don’t hop like rabbits…

… but that’s sure what it looks like in the first panel… with the boar’s two hind legs in unison… and what’s with the back?  Looks like it’s exploding/coming apart and something is emerging.  yuk.  And what are you thinking Mark?  That the Boar only had it out for the tree?


But what’s up with this tree?  Really?  Must have been compromised to begin with otherwise a single Boar strike couldn’t possible bring it down… but at least there are people there, so it’s free to make a noise


And enough already with the advice!  Mark, keep it to yourself!  Depending on whether Abbey is on the windward or leeward side of the falling tree, she might just NOT want to “Hang on…”  Again, “Everyone into the cave!” comes to mind.  And Abbey, why REMARK when it’s time to REACT!?

Another spellbinder!  I can hardly stand it!!