That’s OK… You look better all blurry…

More sympathy!  Ecchhh!  Not the Trail way!  Obtuse is what we’ve come to expect… Clumsy, incapable of feeling- at least that’s how Mark is around and with his wife… Hey, ever been paddle boarding?


So, as this wraps up, and yes,it will take a week or two at this rate…  We are left to wonder what else is on the Whiteboard at Allen, Inc…  We wonder whether North America Syndicate, unit of King Features Syndicate,  unit of Hearst Holdings, Inc.,  is at all invested in this strip, whether they will throw struggling writers a lifeline, perhaps play muse?  Do more than collect on the annuity that is Mark Trail and other long-running serial strips…  Given that they literally control this world, one really has to wonder whether they are paying attention at all…


I mean, look at this!  If this isn’t world domination, I don’t know what is!  Clearly they are taking their cut and one has to wonder what the “creators” are getting… It’s clearly a situation that if you want to play, you have to play by these rules!

Here are a couple more:

The Universal Press syndicate


and the Washington Post Writers Group:



The latter is interesting as it has the fewest , but features (in retried state) a favorite author of mine, one Berkeley (Berke) Breathed, creator of Bloom County, Opus, Outland and a host of other creative works.  Although it appears that Bloom County is being resurrected, after 25 years, through Opus the Penguin, to embrace the new age, internet and everything…


OK, clearly, as I take few days off around the Holidays, I have a little time on my hands…  Happy New Year a-comin’… 2016 has been a ride, hasn’t it??