Look at the big brain on Mr. Ponytail!!

Facial Recognition Software!  But what about your mask, your face, Ponytail Guy??  I guess you kept yours on during the caper?  And what about your detainee there?  I guess it doesn’t matter that she can make both of you now??


I am trying to re-create the scene in my mind… Billy gets shot, and somehow baldy disarms the shooter so that he can kick the crap out of him?  What, no punching?  Just kicking?  I suppose we’ll have to assume that Billy is dead.  Just one of the many nameless rabble of bad guys that move through the world.  No matter though, he was probably destined to go back to jail anyway and cost us all money…

But how awesome is it, for now, to have two bad guys, one bald the other with ponytail, right out of Mark Trail Central Casting…  Remember the time in the Great Dismal?  The Bad Guy with Pony Tail who got himself blown up?? And that the BGwPT was bald and Ponytailed?  Ha!