Oh good! Another Raccoon Reference…

Seriously.  I was afraid I’d have to go back to yesterday’s installment and make an update… Since I had glossed over the obvious cinematic reference…


What is that you wonder?  Well certainly that has to be “Rocket Raccoon” from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise…  the brash yet vulnerable “product of genetic engineering on lower life forms” producing a brilliant character that adds quite a bit to the story lines!  Just watched the sequel last night… Very entertaining!


But yes, this is all filler… let’s get to the next story, please!!  I won’t know what to do with the next 6 months of my life otherwise!!


What in the World does the Raccoon have??

A piece of Bark??  Yummy!


But what do we know about Racoons?  Or Raccoons?  For one, we can spell it either way…  Also, according to fun facts, there has only been one recorded incident of a Raccoon passing on Rabies to a human…  It’s also well established that Raccoons are the “clever ones” in the animal kingdom, as evidenced by their dexterous forpaws, an repeated depictions of getting the best of humans and other animals…  Like this scene and this  scene from the John Candy Classic, “The Great Outdoors.”

The tension is always building at Lost Forest…

Whether it’s Andy racing around with a blood-red tongue…


…or Mark (apparently) providing the voice over…


The plot instantly thickens- at least now we know where the (presumably now deceased) King Tut got the inspiration for his chin ornament… Not the Ring-tail Lemur, but rather the Racoon!  Spitting image!!

But seriously, Lost Forest Denizens, haven’t you gotten the memo about composting food scraps?  If you do that, then there’s nothing left for the Racoons to pick over…

Remember Andy?

Big, smelly dog, faithful and constant companion to Mark and Cherry?


Restless, huh?  But, Mark, you’ve only been gone a couple of days!  In  fact, you re home early!!  Never mind that the Black footed ferret story played out for MONTHS… the elapsed time was only days!  What else might you have missed out on?  Maybe Rusty needs to be taught how to shave?  Naa… he’ll be 8 years old forever, just like Andy!


But who is doing the talking?  Some disembodied voice-over?  Clever and Alert?  With big question marks floating around his his head??

Dirty’s a …murderer…

Wow, well that didn’t take long.  It seems that screech of Gulls was our indication that that Dirty offed Tut and now has his cash in a duffel bag, origins unknown…


…and we are now clear that his real intention is to visit Trail to get a little (or a lot of) payback.  Boy, talk about holding a grudge!! Yikes!

Weapons Training?  How many plot points are we setting up in this one installment??

Harbour Island does look pretty awesome, though…

See? I told You!

Start with 20 grand, he offers you 15…  Blurt out 10, all you get is 5!


5 Grand?  Really?  Why, he’d have to turn that trick every quarter just to get to the poverty line.  Take a vacation?  That’s a joke.  A criminal’s work is never done… It’s not like they have Paid Time Off or a retirement plan…  The pressure to always have a new plan, a next caper… That’s gotta suck.  I was self-employed for a while in my storied career and I know how that feels.  Engaged on day and scraping the next!  And what I was doing was legal!

Is it my imagination, or is Tut getting more and more rotund?

But wait!  Dirty has something up his sleeve, or down his shorts, as it were…  What’s he reaching for?  Is that a Rhino Horn?

Look, Ma, no safe!

As Terminator Dirty makes his full anger known, King Tut goes to his safe and, with the door already open, (huh?) we see fat stacks and a solid gold falcon…


But wait!  Why is the door already open, and more importantly where the heck did the safe come from??

no safe

It certainly wasn’t there before, as evidenced by the earlier installment below…  unless there is more than a single mount in the room, but I am pretty sure that’s the only one…

I know… picky, picky, picky.   But c’mon.  Let’s employ a little continuity here, shall we?

Industrial Grade?



What millennium are we living in here?  We have to be looking at in excess of 2o total carat weight, here…  And Dirty, you have committed the classic negotiating blunder…  you shouldn’t lead with your final offer/ request…  Mr. Lemur-tail Chin is playing you like I would image you are used to being played, except you don’t even realize it.  Let’s at least hope you stole these diamonds, otherwise your cost of goods leaves you little in the way of actual profit…  even if you do find someone to fence these for you…

Oh, the life of a criminal…

As we return to the coastline of sunny Southern Florida, we find Dirty Dyer trying to turn his ill gotten booty into some ready cash…


…only to find that, to his great shock, surprise and disappointment, King Tut/Victor Buono isn’t prepared to help him do that…  What? Has he suddenly “Broken Good?”  Gotten out of the business?  Is he on parole and afraid of getting thrown back in the can?  Well, let’s hope that Dirty has a ‘Plan B’ in mind…