Two guns?

What the – !?


And had we noticed before that Blondie is also a leftie?  A southpaw?  Depending on the source, and who knows whether a study has ever actually been done, estimates indicate a range from 10-15% of the general population that is left-handed.  Seems like my life is full of lefties, though… my wife, mom, grandpa, two cousins, two of the four people who report to me at work, not to mention my boss… and it seems that my rate of discovery is only increasing… I was in a meeting the other day with 8 people in the room and 5 were taking notes with their left hands!!  I am hopelessly right handed, for the record.

So with the tried and true “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!” Mark is now being marched at double-gunpoint to some airstrip that by pure circumstance happens to be near the ghost town…  with Sheriff and Johnny skulking about in the shadows…