Punchy punchy!

Mark Returns a right!  And has Baldy by the T-shirt ready to deliver another!


YOU’VE “had it” with HIM?  Really?  Said the kidnapper to the detainee, never mind that said detainee had MULTIPLE opportunities to turn the tables on his captor…  Or at least get clear of him…  but what’s the story in that??

Meanwhile, sheriff Stober and his peacemaker are off stage right trying to get a “clear shot” off while Mark and Baldy are a-punchin’ and a-rasslin’…  Really?  That’s the best you got?  Just shoot him in the ankle… that would put a crimp in his day…  at least the sound of a bullet winging by would probably get his attention…  All this as the funnel cloud bears down on the proceeding!  Ya’ll better fand yerselves a ditch to git into!!  Why I am suddenly typing in a hickish drawl?  Hellifiknow…