Who’s he calling, Anyway??

Aren’t the Trail/ Davises the law in these parts?  Wouldn’t authorities be calling them if they were the ones to spy these interlopers, especially of the four-legged and winged variety??


So as Doc describes a Seussian scene right out of Mulberry Street to some unnamed authority, we have to ask this question:  How long with this scene be milked in the name of (ahem) sustaining a daily commitment to fill the paper with a storyline that will continue to beguile and intrigue??  That is the hallmark of the Allen regime… No idea is banal enough to not let it play out for weeks into months, all in the name of not having to compose and follow an actual plot line…

And Mark!  What’s all this then?  Lost Forest used to be a sanctuary where you could return from your exploits, tell your tales, lick your wounds and recharge your batteries…  You are being invaded my friend!  And let me remind us all of the way that Mark has suffered at the hands of James Allen from the get-go!  From day one under this sadistic pen, Allen had Mark, with a separated shoulder, treed by a bear and forced to spend the night there!