It’s all about you, isn’t it Mark?

But figuratively speaking, I’ve had to deal with a lot of enraged Rhinos in my life…


OK, let’s take stock of the situation…  The Rhino is down, for now… but will awake at some point.  Marlin’s Jeep is overturned and undrivable.  Jim hasn’t been seen since he went into the thicket with his pointed stick.  And all Mark can say is “I’ll meet you two back at camp?”  What an ASS!  Seriously.  So you can what?  Tell your version of the lusty tale without the chance of anyone stepping on your glory?!

But how nice to include just a spec of color in the first frame!  For those of us living in the BOLD BORTH, where we live a constant reminder to never take spring and summer for granted, we appreciate any hint that bulbs actually flower!