Dirty the Millennial…

He’s adulting and set on building a squad… starting with an Executive Assistant!  That’s the easiest way to promote oneself… form your own company!  File the LLC and boom! You’re your own boss!  Even if that’s a little Sus


Throwing cash around like he has it to throw around! Lookin’ for a little Respeck!  Plus a Rad and Savage “burner cell phone,” right out of the pages of Breaking Bad!  Gus and others would go through one or two an episode!  Little flip phones that they would snap in half and throw away after finishing a conversation to avoid detection and traceability… the production company probably bought them by the gross…

Other observations… Nipples.  You don’t see them often in the comics, there they are… once you see them, you can’t avert your gaze. Amiright?  Dirty’s and Semo’s physiques.  They are getting more swol by the day.  That grin.  If that isn’t shade, I don’t know what is!  The eyepatch… on fleek!

Finally, in an attempt to appeal to the Millennial Generation, and the vernacular that goes with them, I’m done chillin for now on the Trail, and it’s time to bounce… if you want to know what the heck I’m saying, go here