Even ‘The Drooler’ is in on it!

Poor Joe… he sleeps his way through life.  That includes the need to wear a bib, as apparently he drools when he naps.  Ick.


“The Gig?”  What- are they in a band or something?  “Onto” or “on to?”  I think it’s the latter, but then I am not sure… Did Rusty and Mara go in to the Temple or into the temple?  Or they simply entered the Temple…   I recently caught myself saying something that I have been saying probably most of my life- a non-word… “Wholenuther,” as in, “that’s a wholenuther thing you’re talking about…”  I have to laugh.  It’s not a word, obviously, but I think it’s clear what I mean…  Oh well.


“Unfortunate” indeed…  but that’s not a word that a henchman uses… That’s more a word that the mastermind would use, whilst stroking his cat