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Sons of Anarchy?

Why does a guy on a chopper cut such a menacing profile?  What is it about the popular culture that puts that notion immediately in our heads?  Didn’t the Rolling Stones hire the Hells Angels to act a security at one of their shows?  OK, that little incident at the Altamont Speedway didn’t turn out so well…


Yes, it’s the biker… What’s his name…  Raul… who is hooked up with Sleepy Joe and the antiquities operation, or is undercover Federales… Who knows?


Yes, the Biker is following you!  Duh!  And it’s also good to know that Mr. Allen can draw the bike and rider from two perspectives.  Or did he just take the image and flip it?

Biker flip   Yup!



One thought on “Sons of Anarchy?

  1. That’s some pretty subtle surveillance by Raul, sneaking up on his targets on a chopped cycle. Although arguably he is showing himself to his prey to frighten them into either panicked flight or quivering paralysis.

    And how he manages to keep his balance whilst leaning that big bike to port in the first image and to starboard in the second is a real wonder!

    Speaking of wondering, why in the world are Mara and Rusty so willingly scurrying under the wing of Raul, the contraband mule? (As if mules had wings!)

    The stunning illogic of this whole situation again leads me to ponder whether Mr. Allen has something in mind to wrap all of these disparate threads together sensibly (including showing us where Dirty’s revenge on Mark fits in), or if all the dead ends and blind alleys in this narrative – just like the FBI’s role in the Great Black-Footed Ferret Caper of a half-year ago or the abandoned crop-duster in the desert sinkhole in the Great Cave Vacation – are just excuses to draw random objects or folks with funny features.

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