Oh, the Action!! The Suspense!!

As Rusty and Mara are fixating on the Mule, and trying to figure out how to get Rusty’s phone back (talk about ‘splaining…) they are pondering recent decisions and choices that have left them wandering aimlessly in Santa Poco, Mexico!



And yes, Raul has taken to the rooftops to employ his (apparent) x-ray vision to locate Rusty and Mara!


Where he searches hopelessly for answers about the life he is leading and the bad choices that have led him to this crucial juncture…


Only to be tormented by a Toucan… Is this someone’s spirit animal that has been following this ‘storyline’ all the way from the resort to the dig site and now into the city?  It would seem so…

With all that, we are once again reminded that James Allen’s forte is one of arteest, not storyteller…  again, where is this going??