A Hostage Situation?

We can only hope, right?  Happy new year, Campers.  I have been hiding in the tall grass waiting for something to happen, but three’s my limit…


“Great!  You found them!” says Joe, “Well, Raul, I have a very angry and anxious Mark Trail with me…”


Where’s the new library?  Are we suggesting that the only library fell into disrepair and now the poor people of Santa Poco have nowhere to turn when they want to borrow the latest Tom Clancy thriller?  That’s right, Raul.  Fools rush in.  That includes Rusty, Mara and now you…


Suddenly Ol’ Sleepy Joe is on the case… barking orders.  Mark’s expression remains unchanged even as Joe suggests that this might turn into a hostage situation!  I am sure he is conflicted about this… thinking wistfully of carefree days without a stepson in his charge…  Or days when he could smoke a pipe and still stand for Earth and Conservation!