Dirty’s Revenge? How about Mark’s Revenge?!

I am sure that the astute among you noticed that I have not attempted to categorize (correctly at least) this current saga…  I was so fairly convinced that this story would eventually lead us back to Dirty Dyer that I kept the “Dirty’s Revenge” thing going…  Only to be proven (for now at least) wrong.  But this is just as good.  Seriously.  Didn’t see this coming (kudos to you James Allen) and today’s installment (almost) makes up for the weeks upon months of slow-drip plot development…


Funny that Mark encountered and recognized Mr. Big-Arms first in yesterday’s strip, but now has Jefe by the shirt placket, delivering an epic right cross, knocking him into the next frame!  Good that Mark has invested in blue jeans that have a stretch component, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to admire his well developed lower half…  How long has it been since Mark was allowed to punch a bad guy?  Too long, my friends, MUCH too long.