Who appointed Leola Tour Guide, anyway??

As we head through the Sonoran Desert, Leola continues to spout an endless stream of boring, supposedly fact-based non-sequiturs…


Mark and Doc can’t get a word in edgewise, and I am sure that they are wondering what the hell they are doing there…


Yesterday I stared at the store sign and, for the second day gave up… made absolutely no sense to me, and it looked like it was painted by a 6-year-old…  and Leola kept talking, until Doc ventured a suggestion…  Doc, I think they refer that “water-keeping” device as a canteen…  But seriously, I don’t think that they came to pan for gold, they came to find the entrance to the mine!


Mark continues to remain mute, except for his extremely loud nonverbals…  that wicked head turn and continued scowl says it all- why, I bet he knows that JJ Looper, proprietor… At least it explains the sign on the storefront…  Mr. Looper sure looks suspicious, doesn’t he?