Wait… I thought we had a map?

Grooooowl!   Cluccckkukokk!




Oh Leola, or Leona, whatever your name is…


Subtle… very subtle!  Inside a peak?  wouldn’t that be a cave?

Victorio Peak Treasure

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The Victorio Peak treasure (also seen in print as Treasure of Victorio PeakTreasure of San Andres), describes a cache of gold found inside Victorio Peak in Southern New Mexico. While there have been multiple documented expeditions to the peak, no gold has been officially recorded as being recovered from the site.

Theories abound on the origins of the alleged treasure, from eighteenth-century Spanish Missionaries to wealth pilfered from Mexico during the reign of the French puppet Emperor Maximilian. Some years after Doc Noss was killed, his wife Ova asserted a claim that she was entitled to access to the cave in Victorio Peak and its contents. Eventually she brought her case to the military, but the alleged bonanza had vanished.

Many years following the Doc Noss discovery local newspapers had reported different accounts of possible treasure finds and hikers falling in the Hembrillo Basin. One story made headlines in the early 1990s after two bodies were found trapped inside the peak.