Oh, a-hiking we will go…

JJ really is a sour-puss, isn’t he… I mean, for a guy in the service industry, he’s a real cuss.


Cha-ching!  What are you charging for guide services?  Providing a quick panning lesson is one thing, but this is actual guiding


Thanks for the summary, James!  I am sure we all appreciate it when you tidy up the story line and let us know what’s going on…  I think we call that a “re-set” in the business…


Nice gear… Why, those pack straps won’t dig in at all…  And Poor Doc- his bunions are already screaming!  But seriously… it’s about JJ’s nose…  and the look from Mark…  What’s that supposed to mean?


Four Campers, four tents…  that, um, makes sense…