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And you are comparing it to what?

Folks, folks, folks… Dialogue is on par… Bad, bad, bad…   Vultures portending doom!


JJ is employing classic motivational theory.  Always get more out of your people by threatening harm!  Have I told you that your job is at stake???


Again, Mark, as compared to what?  You spend a lot of time in mines, do you??


Oh, Doc.  You are indomitable.  Your enthusiasm, anyway.  Never mind that you are now being falsely imprisoned by this thug with a gun…  you are fulfilling a dream that you have kept secret for years.  Glad I noticed that Mark took a flashlight in with him, otherwise I’d have to wonder (again) where all the light was coming from…

2 thoughts on “And you are comparing it to what?

  1. Observation 1: Ah, back in Minnesota again, after two weeks in Virginia. The local paper doesn’t carry the strip and I did not have regular access to a PC. So now, I’m catching up. Well, moving along as I (and everybody else, I bet) more or less expected. I hope that they leave Doc in the mine. After all, one mystery guy orders a whole gang of wranglers to stay out . . . and they do! Then they forget where they were. Preposterous story-line.

  2. Observation 2: We clearly see that the mine entrance goes pretty much vertically DOWN a hole, not horizontally INTO a mountain. Yet this “mound” of rocks is presented as if it sat atop the entrance!. In truth, the pile of rocks would surely have begun on the floor of the cave.

    And you are correct, Dennis. Weak dialog that’s doing nothing to prop up a weak story line. And what happens if there is no gold here? Do they go hunting for more caves? Does JJ now face the choice of shooting them or running away? How will he handle night time security? Heck, even if they are abandoned in the Chiricahua Mts, they are not THAT far from numerous towns.

    Assuming that Leola is not in on the deal, I reckon Mark will have to overpower JJ and put an end to this exciting yarn. After all, we have to find out why Rusty got that evil totem!

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